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Businesses for sale in Hungary 

If you are interested in businesses that are already on the market

Buy side transaction advice

If you already have a potential acquisition or investment target identified

Companies for sale in the pipeline

If you want us to keep an eye open for businesses that match your criteria

Make a buy side ad on Adequit

If you want to make a buy side ad on the investment targets that could be of interest for you

Active search for an investment target

If you want us to actively search for investment targets meeting the agreed criteria 

Invest: Hungary businesses for sale in Hungary and M&A advisor
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Invest: Hungary provides access to businesses for sale and M&A transaction advisory services in Hungary for those that wish to buy or invest into a business in Hungary

Invest: Hungary focuses on buy side services to be provided to non-Hungarian investors. Sell side M&A services are available through our brands Adequit company sale and capital raising portal and Adequit Consulting company sale and purchase advisory services 

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